In memory of the following Brothers:

  • Robert Horton Campbell (Member: TCU)
  • Tristan Aitken (Member: TCU, United States Army Captain)
  • Trevor Hodne (Member: TCU)
  • Ben Pohlmann (Pledge: Texas A&M, 2006)
  • Justin Magers (Founding Father: Oklahoma State, 2008)
  • Brad Norris (Member: University of Arkansas, 2008)
  • Joshua Robertson (Member: University of Georgia, 2010)
  • Ryan Kinney (Member: University of Texas, 1988)
  • Shawn Landers (Member: HBU 1999)
  • Jason Moslander (Founding Father: Missouri, 2006)
  • Stewart Trese (Member: TCU 2009)
  • Jonathan Silko (Member: Baylor 2006)
  • Major Shawn Weber Campbell (Member, Texas A&M, 2001)
  • Avery Pittman (Member: Oklahoma State 2013)
  • David Phan (Member: University of Texas, 2014)
  • Christopher Werner (Member: Baylor, 2011)
  • Jared Gordon (Member: OU, 2016)
  • Christian Stapleton (Member: Arkansas, 2016)

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BYX is a lifelong brotherhood of committed Christian men seeking the bonds of brotherhood and unity in Christ through the avenue of social fraternity on a college campus.

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