Frequently Asked Questions

Is BYX trying to be the church?

The Short Answer

BYX is a fraternity of college men coming together under the common bond of Jesus Christ. We have members from all different walks of life and all different denominational backgrounds. We are not the church, nor do we aspire to be. We strongly encourage our members to be a part of a local congregation, growing along with multi-generations of believers. BYX is a Christian social fraternity where men of faith can gather to challenge each other spiritually in brotherhood and impact the campus socially.

How much will it cost to be a member?

The Short Answer

Each local chapter regulates its dues independently based on its needs, therefore they are all differing amounts. On average, membership dues as a pledge in the first semester are about $500. Membership dues after the first semester average $400.

What about alcohol?

The Short Answer

We do not allow alcohol at any BYX-sponsored events or parties. Though we do not regard the consumption of alcohol in and of itself as sinful, we do require our members to adhere to a biblical standard concerning alcohol. We expect our members to live above reproach, honoring the name of Christ in all their actions.

What about hazing?

The Short Answer

The purpose of BYX is to promote brotherhood and unity with the fraternity based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished without emotional or physical punishment, abuse, or humiliation. Our members are constantly striving to live a Christian witness, promoting the name of Jesus through service to both member and new members of those pledging the fraternity.

Does BYX have fraternity houses on campus?

The Short Answer

BYX as a fraternity does not wish to acquire real estate assets. Acceptable housing options are considered if and when all liability is removed from the fraternity and its national entity. Some universities have chosen to manage Greek housing as they do dorms on campus and those options are a possibility for BYX chapters.

Is BYX part of the IFC on campus?

The Short Answer

In September 2016, BYX joined the largest fraternal trade association called the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). Since that time, many of our BYX chapters have chosen to pursue campus recognition through the IFC. Campus recognition is best determined in collaboration with the local chapter and the national office. Our chapters are recognized as IFC, Independent Greek, United Greek and as student organizations on various campuses.

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BYX is a lifelong brotherhood of committed Christian men seeking the bonds of brotherhood and unity in Christ through the avenue of social fraternity on a college campus.

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