University of South Carolina

Alpha Phi Chapter

University of South Carolina - Columbia, SC

Founded 2016
President Jack Ottinger • Contact Us
Pledge Captain Will Peddycord • Contact Us
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In the summer of 2016, Ladd Platt contacted Stephen Lynch and shared his vision of starting a BYX chapter on USC campus. Shortly after this Ladd contacted the national director of BYX to start planning the process. In the fall of 2016, Jacob Sloan, Michael Vinzani, Brett Heim, and Bryce Elrod joined to complete the officer positions. After this, the six officers were able to recruit other men through various meetings around the campus who shared their vision of a fraternity that could reach out to other Christian men on campus. On November 1st, the alpha phi chapter of BYX at The University of South Carolina was initiated with the purpose of providing a community in the greek life at USC where men could encourage one another through Christ.

Chapter Sponsors

Ethan Francis, Chapps Weitzel, Mark Halling, Bruce Wirin

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Interested in Joining the University of South Carolina chapter? Contact our pledge captain, Will Peddycord, to get started.