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University of Tulsa - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Founded 2015
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The Alpha Sigma Chapter of BYX started with the actions of a man named Brandon Triffo, who desired a place for Christian men to come together from all different types of denominations and have fellowship with one another. Soon after, Brandon Triffo had gathered four godly men to help him with his endeavors. Through prayer the Lord led these four men to seek out how to start a Christian fraternity at the University of Tulsa. These four men continued to seek out the Lord’s direction in this undertaking, and enabled Brandon Triffo, Alex Zhou, Stuart Cornett, and Charlie Rosson to shepherd 14 other men to be the founding fathers of the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi.

Founding Fathers

Alex Zhou, Blake Browning, Brandon Slater, Brandon Triffo, Bruce Huang, Caleb Cantwell, Charlie Rosson, Eli Goloburda, Jacob Holmes, Jordan Anderson, Kyle McLaughlin, Laramie, Fayard, Logan Draeger, Nick Johnson, Peter Simmons, Spencer Shores, Stuart Cornett, and Themba Ndlovhu.

Chapter Sponsors

Carson Family, John Harvey, Bruce Wirin

Rush BYX

Interested in Joining the University of Tulsa chapter? Contact our pledge captain, Garrett Stokes, to get started.