Senior Legacy

Men on campuses across our nation have forged unshakeable bonds of Christian brotherhood through BYX – and they’ve been doing it for more than 30 years!

Their legacy has laid the foundation on which tens of thousands of brothers have built life-changing relationships they’ve come to love and cherish.

We want to give you the same opportunity to leave a legacy to the next generation of brothers through a new program called The Senior Legacy.

The Senior Legacy enables graduating members to lay a firm foundation for other men to experience authentic brotherhood on campuses around the country. By providing critical resources to invest in future leaders and start new chapters across the country, you’ll help men coming after you know what it means to wear the letters, BYX.

Your annual gift of your graduation year will begin paving the way for a new generation of brothers to become the men God created them to be.

So thank you for standing with BYX today and leaving a legacy for decades to come!

Senior Legacy Donors:

Class of 2018:

Tennessee: Alex Heaton, Cody Hurley, Darden Shadrach, David Hamilton, Frank Becker, Jared Shaffer, Joshua Wilson, Matthew Holland, Matthew Odom, Quad Davis, Steven Robbins, Steven Powlis, William Harris.

Nu Chapter: Anderson Miller, Daniel Rose, David Paul, Grayson Wiles, Heath Moore, Jay Fenton, Joshua Anderson, Josiah Holland, Kelly McGee, Peyton Fite, Reece Wilson, William Huesken, Noah Black, Michael Brown.

Michigan: Bryant Vergara, Hunter Kelly, Matthew George, Shane Decker, Jon Perry, Joshua Crane, Hunter Holsinger, Yongsoo Shin.

UTC: Christian Ivins, Stephen Henry, Joshua Duncan, Dillon Norton, John Kondor, Elias Wood.

Texas A&M: Compton Stocki, Jack Sagehorn, Steven Houston, Steven Penshorn

Ok State: James Teel, Jacob Haefner, Micha Gillezeau

UNC: Cole Del Charco, Jackson Taylor, William Gillespie

Texas State: Garrett Lucas, Zach Debaylo

Arkansas: Devin Dupree

Kansas: Keegan Russell

SMU: Zach Conley

Texas Tech: Cody Carroll

Mark Halling - Vanderbilt

"The immersive, purposeful culture that BYX fosters has been extremely meaningful to my life. I didn't begin following Christ until my senior year of high school, and I'd never truly been part of a Christian community before college. But through BYX I saw how the Christian life is meant to be lived. That experience made me a 'sharper piece of iron' and continues to affect how I approach my job, my marriage, my kids, and everything in-between."