The BYX Foundation

The Lead Fund

The Lead Fund will shape more godly men with the courage and conviction to make an impact on the world. Gifts to the Lead Fund help with leadership development within the fraternity through National Leadership Summit and the COR Leadership Retreat.

COR Leadership Retreat

Each Fall active BYX members have the opportunity to apply for the COR Leadership Retreat that will take place the following August. Participants are initially placed on one of three separate tracks in either Dallas, Houston, or Austin, TX for the first week where they get to spend time with prominent alumni and other business leaders. In these sessions they learn how to navigate the intersection of faith and work after college. After a week of meeting with leaders, the groups come together and venture to Colorado to begin
the second section of the retreat. The Colorado leg embraces multiple physical challenges that incorporate team-building skills, courage, and trust in one another. It’s an incredible and unique experience set in the heart of the beautiful Colorado
Mountains and intended to challenge the participants both spiritually and physically.

National Leadership Summit

Every Fall, all newly elected officers nation-wide gather for a weekend of training put on by the National Staff and the Board of Directors. It is a chance for everyone across the country to worship, learn and fellowship together through inspiring sessions from national leaders, recreational activities, breakout sessions, and team-based competitions. The National Leadership Summit is a unique opportunity for the National Staff and Board of Directors to communicate personally with the entire organization to prepare them for their tenure as officers.