BYX Stories

Gabe & Elijah McKinney

Gabe & Elijah Mckinney share their story as twins growing up together in a single mother family. A older BYX alumni began to pour his life into them in high school and made a significant impact on them. Both Gabe & Elijah became members of BYX and are living testimonies of how brotherhood and unity in Christ can change lives.

BYX Stories

Craig Cordola

Craig Cordola, Texas BYX alumnus, works as the President and CEO of Ascension Healthcare in Austin, TX. He tells his story of how BYX helped prepare him for the leadership roles that he has been able to step into post-graduation.

BYX Stories:

David Daniels and His Sons

David Daniels was a founder of the Alpha Chapter of BYX at the University of Texas at Austin in 1985. His sons, Grant and Pearson, were both members of BYX when they went to school. The Daniels family share about the impact that BYX has had on their family, across two generations, from 1985 to now.

BYX Stories

20-Year Cell Group

BYX Board member David Pearson and three of his BYX brothers from his time at Texas A&M have been meeting as a cell group every week since they graduated 20 years ago. They share their story and how they have seen God working through the Christ-centered community that a BYX Cell Group provides, even years after college.