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Founded 1997
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In the spring of 1997, God inspired a vision to begin a BYX chapter at Southwest Texas State in the hearts of 20 men while attending the University of Texas’ “Island Party” in Austin.  After returning home to San Marcos from a night of worship and fun, the Holy Spirit began to stir within these men the desire to form the same bonds of fellowship and accountability that their peers shared in BYX at the University of Texas.

Travis Young took the reins of initiating support to found a chapter on Southwest Texas State’s campus.  Initially however, men willing to come along side Young were few.  Dr. Gregg Marshall was invited to become the fraternity’s faculty sponsor, and since that very day has faithfully offered his counsel and direction the men of Zeta Chapter.  It was not until Brother Brian Stone called to order formal prayer meetings that the founding fathers commited to a launch in the fall of 1997.  Over the coming months Jerod Helms, Jeremy Williams, Kyle Williams, Jeff Heimer, and Chance Justice would join as Founding Fathers of the Zeta Chapter.

Upon meeting with national directors to receive a probationary charter, the Founding Fathers elected an inaugural officer team.  A â€œWinter Bash” was planned in order to celebrate the new thing God had begun among them.  The following semester God brought together 19 pledges; a class that would launch the fraternity into existence. The brotherhood and fellowship found within BYX at Texas State University is a deep and intimate brotherhood forged upon lifelong friendships and true accountability.  Our chapter, which now averages 50-75 men, has long fostered transparent relationships and lasting friendships that God continually uses to make tremendous impacts in the lives of every Brother.  May God’s blessings and favor continue to fall mightily upon our men.

Founding Fathers

Jerod Helms, Jeremy Williams, Kyle Williams, Jeff Heimer, Chance Justice

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Interested in Joining the Texas State University chapter? Contact our pledge captain, Kurtis Kelley, to get started.